Jan 1, 2010


The necklaces below are available for sale! 
These are my favs!  The first one is my niece and nephew in a 1 inch glass pendant!  I can customize any photo if you send it to me digitally!
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wibrooklyn AW  jw 
‘Keep Calm’ in an elegant rectangle glass pendant.
1. Keep Calm (email me the color you want - can be red, cream, brown, black or sage green)

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The pendants below are already made and available for sale.  Please let me know the pendant number when ordering these items:

2.Allstars 195
3.Allstars 199

4.Allstars 198
5.Allstars 200
6.Allstars 196  
7.Allstars 202  
8.Allstars 207
9.Allstars 209   
10.Allstars 219
11.Allstars 220
12.Allstars 221
13.Allstars 222
14.Allstars 223
15.Allstars 226
16.Allstars 227
17.Allstars 228 
18.Allstars 230
19.Allstars 229
20.Allstars 231
21.Allstars 245

I can design a pendant for your school with a mascot and/or HS Name!
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BYU1. byu
BYU2. byu_pendant

I can customize your pendant with any initial or even a 3 letter monogram!

Black Monogram (specify letter) Allstars 235