Jun 27, 2011

Washoe All Stars

washoe square
ABOVE:  $10 – Pendant Only, $12 – Pendant w/ 20” silver ball chain

BELOW (Next 3 photos) $18 – Pendant, 2 “mini” charms, chunky chain
 IMG_1189IMG_1184 Mini Charms include baseball, glove, mom (only 6 mom charms left!)

$12 – Charms on Crown (3 “Mini” Charms & Crown w/ 20” ball chain)

I’ve never made dog tags…but have wanted to try one out.  I had a couple sample tags and put this together for Jake.  It would probably cost $12 and includes a 24” ball chain.  Instead of glass, there is a resin top.  Let me know if you’re interested because I’ll have to order some supplies….STAT!
IMG_1200  IMG_1197