Dec 18, 2011

Giggles for Gabby

The items below are being sold for Gabby Gouldsmith, who is going through a bone marrow transplant in Oakland California for anaplastic anemia.  Pendants and keychains are $20/each.  Pendants include a black organza ribbon chain or a silver ball chain and keychains come on a key ring.  Proceeds from ALL sales of TEAM GABBY items below will go towards her medical and travel expenses.  
gabby bracelet
gabby keychain
gabby angel

"Gabby's Story written by her mom Heather Gouldsmith:

Gabby's Diagnosis: Gabby has Acquired Aplastic Anemia, due to a condition called NPH. Apparently Gabby was born w/ NPH, it is a very rare gene mutation. She has never had any symptoms of NPH and at some point something "set it off" and she developed Aplastic anemia. She will undergo Chemotherapy for 5 days starting Sunday morning, then will receive a bone marrow transplant on Friday July 15. Garrett is what is called and HLA match to Gabby, which is a miracle. W/O an HLA match, Gabby's prognosis would be extremely poor. With an HLA match, her prognosis is 97 percent that she will grow to live a normal, healthy life, essentially she will be cured. However, a bone marrow transplant is very dangerous for her and they are many complications and restrictions for her. I will remain in Oakland w/ her for 100 days post transplant, when they d/c us from hospital, we will be placed in a duplex across from the hospital where she will be monitored closely. She will have to take major medications for at least 1 year and will basically have to be isolated from the general population and large crowds. She will be home schooled for 1 year, then if everything goes well, she will be able to stop the medications and go back to school. She has a very rough road ahead of her and it all starts on Sunday. Garrett will have mild discomfort for about 1 day, they say Tylenol usually takes care of it, and he will have to stay 1 night in hospital for observation, then can go home and play baseball when he feels up to it, next day if he wants!! He has really stepped up to the plate and is excited to donate to his sister. We didn't even have to ask him, he said "I hope I am her match, I will do whatever it takes". We are so very proud of our family and the love and support that everyone has offered. It is overwhelming and so appreciated. Gabby is so brave and so smart; she asks the most incredible questions. She is my hero and amazes me every day. I hope this helps all of you understand a little better and has answered your questions. Gabby can have visitors here any time throughout this process as long as you are NOT sick!!! She can receive cards and letters as well, just no food items or stuffed animals; she has a very restricted diet and environment. Please do not feel sorry for us, instead, pray for Gabby to have the strength to fight this disease and for her body to accept her new bone marrow w/o complications. Again, thank you all so much for your kind words, I read them all to GABBY every day."